Wifi Webcam: The Definitive Guide

Last updated on September 26, 2020

Hey good day guys, today am going to show you guys how to use wifi webcam (wifi camera) on android devices.

In this article, you are going to learn how to make a wireless webcam without using internet data. and how to make web cam to mobile.

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You just need only perfect ip camera wifi apps. don’t be confused, you don’t have to. am going to talk about the best ip camera that work perfectly in this article(just keep calm).

I can also call this wifi webcam TV show why?

Because it can display other cells phone’s digital camera. (That process is wifi webcam for tv show). And this app not use any internet connection, you just any to connect your hotspot and wifi.

For you guys that want to make CCTV camera with your android phone’s, this article is for you.

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Because am going to show you how to make home CCTV camera with wireless wifi webcam on any android devices.

I see a lot of people seeking out a way to make a CCTV digital webcam as it takes a number of cash to shop for a CCTV digital digicam and set it up .

There is a definitive answer wherein it’s far being accomplished the usage of an app known as wifi webcam and a couple of android phones.

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Now follow this 2 subsequent steps to make a CCTV camera on your android phone using WiFi webcam app.


  1. Two android phone.
  2. Enough battery.
  3. Hotspot and Wifi

Step 1: Get wifi webcam app

The first thing to do is to get an ip camera that work offline perfectly.

Now visit google play store and search for “wifi webcam” this app is available on Google play store and app store and it 100% safe to install.

Wifi webcam app

Tap on “Install” to make the app start downloading and install to your smartphone.

Step 2: Set up wifi webcam app

Once this app successful installed on two phones, now click on it to open it, you are going to see a menu with start button (like this show below in screenshot).

Wifi webcam

So click on the “Start” button on the two phones, one of the phone will create room using hotspot while the second phone will join the room using wifi connection.

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So the phone that create the room will switch on the hotspot and the one that join the room will activates the wifi.

The next thing is to check the ip address if match to make the connection successful. So make sure the ip address is match.

If not, the connection will be failed and give you error message.

Wifi webcam

Note: The two phones need to be linked with hotspot and wifi to apply the app just like you are connecting Xender to send file to other people’s phone.

And it’s far all accomplished. As simple as that.


Here the full guide on how to use wifi webcam on android phone without the internet connection.

This wifi camera can save you better, perfect as CCTV camera in your office. before you get CCTV camera.

We all know how long distance hotspot and wifi can connected so don’t take the other phone in long place. That can make it disconnect.

Also watch this youtube video for better understanding, click to watch how to use wifi webcam app on android devices here 👇

If you find this article helpful, kindly drop your comment and share this article with your friends and family. Thanks in advance.



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