Why you should not charge your phone full

The Best Ways To Charge Mobile Phone [The Definitive Guide]

Don’t charge your mobile phone to reach 100%.

The reason why I said you should not charge your phone full is that, Every one loves his/her phones.

Don't charge your phone full

Especially bloggers, we won’t separated from it except we sleep lol.

Today am going to show battery charging tips for android phones.

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Here are a few recommendations approximately of your phone that you have to know.

Before I move to the essential motive for this article, let me recommend this important tip you have to know first.

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If you are in a place with terrible reception, activate airplane mode. Why?

Because your phone makes use of battery to look for reception, although it isn’t always selecting up any server, but your phone will retain to search again and again.

This will in flip drain your battery.

So turn on airplane mode to prevent battery existence and save you from being stranded with a lifeless phone.

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Back to business: don’t charge your phone full, staying at 100% all of the time isn’t always right for your phone.

ChargingIf your phone plugged and continues charging, after it’s miles already complete, it could weaken the battery. (yes it going to weak the battery)

Do you know that your phone consists of a lithium ion battery? Yes it is.

Which means that it going to operates perfect when your phone battery percentage is between 30 to 50.

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Making the phone reach 100% all of the time will makes the battery reduce faster. You might experience this before.

If not, let your phone charged to 100% and leave it for just 30 minute, you are going to see that it reduces to 96 or 97%.Why you should not charge your phone fullAlso, don’t charge your phone overnight (Why?) Because Once it reach 100%, you won’t be able to remove it from charging while sleeping.

That’s overcharged. And it gonna results in damage the battery.

Don’t charge your phone when is overheating or little warm even if you notice that is overheating when you are charging it, unplug it till cool down.

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Don’t make your phone lose its battery absolutely earlier than you charge it. You can charge it as quickly it remain 20 to 30%

Lastly, leave your phone to charged before you are using it. Pressing phone when charging it will weakens the battery existence and period of the battery.

Is this article reasonable? Have you heard why I said you should not charged your phone full? Let me know your thoughts on this article.

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