Start selling phones in nigeria

How To Start Selling Phones In Nigeria 2021 [Complete Guide]

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In this article, you are going to learn how to start selling phones in nigeria. This business is a legal business.

And it’s a profitable business that you can start with small money before upgrade to high level.

Selling phones in nigeria

Nowadays, 65% of people are using smartphone, especially students. And nobody like to use a phone for a year or more than that before change it to new model.

People always change their phones to the latest model , once the new model is released.

For the phone selling business, youths are the target audience/customer.

Am going to guide on how to start selling phones business and other business related to phone selling. that you can sale together in the same shop.

Such as:

  • Phones selling.
  • Phones accessories selling.
  • Phones spare parts sellings.

This are topic am going to talk about in this article. I know many people are interested in selling phones in nigeria, but they have no idea or experience.

You got this

Don’t panic, I will guide on how to start this business, where you can buy the phones, and how you can sell them in other to make your profit.

In addition, i give you a chance to ask anything that I might not discuss in this article.

Let dive in.

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What is phone selling business.

Phone selling business is profitable business, which you can start by buying mobile phones at wholesale from the manufacturers or distributors and resell to make profit.

Know More About The Business.

You can just jump into any business without knowing anything about the business. So seek out for advice from expert. I mean go to phone selling shops around you.

And talk with the CEO of the shop, ask him/her how he started this business, the price of the phones, cost of the rent and where they buy theirs. You don’t need to pay money for doing this.

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If phone selling shops is not in your area, go out to find and focus a place that deal with Phones and accessories, and find how much phones and it’s accessories cost, note the prices and write down the one you can afford with your budget.


The reason of saying this is that, before starting any business, you will need meet a person that is running that same business. To learn things like the inventory management, how to advertise, how to know a marketable phones, and the right price of the product.

And also, you must know the specifications, features and how strong each brand is (the phones you are about to sell) to know how to introduce them to customer.

Look For Best Location.

Look for a suitable location for this business
Getting the best location that suits is a first thing to go about before starting phone selling business in Nigeria.

Don’t just choose a location that you like, think about competitors and your audience in other to locate your shop in a right place and make you business unique.

Where to locate your store.

Schools: You can place your shop near secondary schools, university or other higher institutions (College of education and Polytechnic).

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Phone Repair Shop: You can place your store near to a popular phone technicians’ (phone repairer) shop. Because their customer might be looking for new phones to buy. Since you are near there, they will locate you.

Companies: Place your store close to any big or small business, the place should be attractive people who is working in the company or their clients.

Drow a business plans

After you see a suitable location for your business, the next thing to do is to think about how you will start the phone selling business in Nigeria and get more sale.

Create social media account for your business and find best ads network to advertise your product on. Google AdSense is one of the most popular and great ads network in the world. You can go for that.

Minimum Amount To Get Started.

To start selling phones in nigeria, you have to get at least 500, 000 naira. For rent, tax and products.

Selling phones in nigeria


Here are the steps you need to follow, to succeed in phone selling business in nigeria.

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Once you get best location that suits your Business, everything is done.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop your comment through the comment section below.

And don’t forget to share this awesome guide with your family and friends.

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