How to secure whatsapp account

How To Secure Whatsapp Account: The Definitive Guide

In this article, you are going to learn how to easily secure whatsapp account. To prevent it from being hacked (by social media hacker).

WhatsApp Business

Now, whatsapp is number one fastest messaging platform in the world.

With easy photo, video, apps, contact, documents sharing capacity.

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WhatsApp messaging provide pretty smooth features to set up for business owner, however this smooth setup technique can also let hacker hack your WhatsApp account if you don’t care.

WhatsApp has a lot of users in the world, whatsapp can be use in a different ways. it used for Meeting, Business and fun.

The best thing to do is to secure your whatsapp from being hacked.

Android smartphone

Fortunately, there is a simple ways to enable security on your account and make it more secured and private (which am going to teach you in this article).

And it going to guarantee you that you won’t lose your WhatsApp account even if your six digit activation code link out. To

Am going to teach you how to make your WhatsApp secure and private.

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WhatsApp security settings is very simple to set up like I said earlier, which you can do it by yourself after reading this article to the end.

Let dive in.

WhatsApp Account security tips.

If you follow this guidelines, you will be able to secure your WhatsApp account perfectly.

Keep your code private: Don’t share your whatsapp verification code to anybody (even your friends).

Set device security code: set your phone or computer security code.

Use lock app: Make a use of lock apps. This will let you lock your WhatsApp app and other social media apps.

Keep your device with you: Don’t let strange access to your device If they has access to your smartphone or computer, they can make a use of your WhatsApp account.

Two-step Verification: Set up whatsapp two-step verification PIN with valid email address in case you forget the PIN.

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Two-step Verification Set up guide.

Two-step verification is the best security for securing any documents, social media account and other online stuff.

It will be only you that can access the document or account using two-step verification code.

This is a great opportunity (for us) to make whatsapp account more secure.

Let get started on how to enable it the two-step verification security.

Open whatsapp app: First thing to do is to open your WhatsApp application on your smartphone or computer.

Open whatsapp menu: Click the menu (the three dots) at the top right corner of whatsapp home page.

In the option below: Click on settings .

WhatsApp settings

And scroll down to “two step verification” if you are using whatsapp business, click “Account”

Two-step Verification

Set Password: Then click enable And put six digits pin that you can remember.

Set pin

Set email address: Now type your active email address. Use your main email address in case you forget the pin.

Set email

That’s all. Your whatsapp Account is now secured.

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After the successful of this process, whatsapp will be asking for your code every three months and when you want to log your account on new device. So please choose the password you’re very familiar with.

Secure Whatsapp Account

You can even take six digit from your mobile phone number and use it. So that will be quickly remember.

How to Know if your whatsapp account has being hacked.

Very simple to detect, you will just see that you have log-out. And you won’t be able to see your chat history and view status that’s mean some one is using your account.

Is not like facebook that you will till logged in if the account is hack. Whatsapp can only logged in on a single phone.

How to recover hacked WhatsApp account.

For you to be able to get your hacked WhatsApp account back, you have to download WhatsApp or update the current one.

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Then log-in to WhatsApp with your phone number again. You are going to receive a six digit verification code on the register phone number.

Now Copy the verification code (don’t share it with anyone) and paste it to the box. WhatsApp will read it and and logs you in immediately.

When you successful log-in, the hacker will logged out of your WhatsApp account that’s all.

But, if the hacker has enabled two-step verification security on your WhatsApp account, whatsapp will ask you to enter the verification Pin to be able to see the chat history.

The next thing to do is to wait logged in for seven working days before you can recover your WhatsApp account generally.

And don’t worry, while you are waiting for the account recovery, the hacker won’t be able to access your account.

Because he/she will be log-out once you logged in and he/she will need the verification code that will be sent to you to activate it back.

If you find this article helpful, please share this article with your friends and family to help them to secure their WhatsApp accounts too.


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