Reset android without losing data

How To Reset Android Without losing Data [Definitive Guide]

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Welcome to another awesome article from Naija Mobile Tech.

Today am going to write the definitive guide on how to reset android without losing data.

You don’t need any mentor after reading this article.

Most instances whilst people reset android phone, they surely do this when they are unable to free up android phone Internal storage space.

If you want to reset your android phone just because of low space, I will advise you to read this easy guide on how to Free Up Android Phone Space:  with no stress.

Some rest their android phone when they are unable to unlock android pattern or other phone security.

The way of factory reset is designed to be such that, each time user does a reset, all information on the phone will be deleted from the phone.

This process will takes the phone lower back to normal position. All the apps, videos, music and other file will be be wiped.

Now the question is that:

  1. Can I get my phone data back after reset my android phone.
  2. Is Data Recoverable After reset android phone?

My answer to this question is big “YES”.(how?)

You don’t need to worry how. Am going to teach an understandable way to reset android without losing data in this article.

All what you need is to acknowledged that Android data is recoverable after reset the phone. (How possible?)

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This is a completely viral factor, motive as it is probably of assist to the folks who misplaced some thing critical.

And this dangerous( very dangerous) for people who did a factory reset to shield their phone data.

There are tools that you will need to extract your android phone’s deleted data.(once you rest the phone).

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All you need to do is look for them on the internet, and download them and use them for extracting deleted data.

Here are what we are going to discuss in this article. You can jump to each content by click on it

2 Easy to reset android without losing data.

  1. Cloud backup

One of method to reset android without losing the phone data is “Cloud backup”.

Most android devices sync some information( this powered by Google ).

In which you can use to backup your android phone before you factory reset the phone. And can also be use to recover deleted data.

This can also be use even after reset the android phone. so login to your Google account and backup or restore your phone data when you reset your android.

Note: You must login to your Gmail)to use this tool.

Note: There may be no assure that cloud backups which include Google Drive is absolutely secure.

In fact, it is the complete opposite of safe.

There were diverse incidents of cloud storages of people being hacked and their information being stolen.

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So usually recall to hold most effective unimportant information for your Google cloud storage.

Reset android without losing data

  1. Built-in Encryption of Android Devices.

Before the launching of android devices, their operating system Marshmallow 6.0, android not include default encryption. (Yes they are not).

You had to placed it up earlier before doing a factory reset. So their recovered data can’t be immediately.

The reason that Marshmallow 6.0 update, android devices comes with encryption that has been already enabled.

In case you get your phone’s data, you’ll now no longer be able to get access immediately without going through the encryption.


Having any problems on how to reset android without losing data? Then drop your comment through our comment box below.

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Notice: All Naija Mobile Tech Content Will Be Move To Our New Website "" on 15th Of April 2021. While We will turn naija mobile tech to forum. Click here For more info.

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