Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Here is Naija Mobile Tech privacy policy.

Naija mobile tech

On this page, you will know how we collect user data and what we use they for.

Naija Mobile Tech not responsible in selling user data on the net. is safe to browse.

Data We Collect From Users:

  • Username And Password (if register on
  • Valid Email Address.
  • Well captured profile picture.
  • Date of birth.
  • Debit card number.

How We Use User Data That We Collected

  • Username and password: We ask for this when user want to join our community. And use it to identify he/her when they do anything on our blog.
  • Valid Email Address: We Collect this to reach our users/customer if they need support.
  • Well captured profile picture: We request for this to identify them through pictures.
  • Date of birth: We ask for this to guess he/her experience on the net.
  • Debit card: We only asked when our customer/user want to buy something on our blog.

Note: This page can be update any time. Make sure you read our privacy policy when ever you want to sign up for anything on this blog.