4 Of The Best POS Machine In Nigeria [Reviewed And Rated]

Last updated on October 14, 2020

Good day guys, today am going to share with you, four of the best POS machine in nigeria. With good commission rate.

Before I flow to the primary reason of this article, let me first share briefly about POS machine.

What is a POS Machine ?

POS is an abbreviation name of point of sale, point of sale machine is a hardware system that allow you to send and receive money, paying bills when you inserted your credit / debit cards in the machine.

There are a lot of companies, banks that offer point of sale(POS) machine at cheap rate or free of charge.

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In this article am going to share with you, the best company and bank that offer free and paid POS machine with good commission rate in nigeria.

Now in nigeria, POS business is a valid way to make money as a small business owner.

POS terminal is the most used in a community that has no banks or automated teller machine (ATM). It’s profitable in those community.

Don’t be confused, it doesn’t serve as bank employees (They called mobile money agent) but they offer bank services with the permission of bank and commission agreement.

What are the best POS machine in nigeria ?

Like I said earlier, I will list for you, four of the most best POS terminal with good commission rate in nigeria.

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OPay POS Machine.

Opay POS Machine

OPay is now number one mobile money agent in nigeria.

OPay is the the abbreviation for Opera Pay. Is a company of Chinese that owned opera mini browser and opera news.

For you to get OPay POS machine, you have to register OPay agent Account. To do this, visit google play store to download the OPay app, and sign up.

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After you successful registered, click on account at the right corner of the home page.

You are going to see that you are on “know your customer” (KYC) level 1, scroll down and click upgrade to upgrade to agent level.

As an Opay agent, you will be able to help customer withdraw and transfer money and pay bills. Like:

  • NEPA bills.
  • DStv Subscription.
  • GOtv Subscription.
  • Betting Account deposit.

How Do I Get POS From Opay ?

Getting the OPay POS machine is not just easy as you think. If your OPay account is new, you won’t be able to apply for OPay POS machine.

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From my experience, you will have to executed a few transactions totaling a positive amount before you can apply for POS.

If you manipulate to finish a few transactions they required, possibilities are which you could have tested to the employer that you may be trusted and you can now apply there POS machine for free.

How Do I Get OPay POS Application Form ?


As a trusted agent using OPay app to complete the required transactions, You will now be able to fill OPay POS application form and publish.

Requirements are:
  • BVN number.
  • Utility bill (nepa bill).
  • Well captured Passports.
  • Valid identify card (ID card).
  • Your First Name And Surname.
  • Your Shop or company address.

Once you publish all the requirements, after crossing the threshold, you must be capable of get the free OPay POS machine easily.

Monie Point POS Machine.

Monie Point

Monie point is the most reliable, fast and profitable mobile money platform in nigeria.

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As a Monie point agent, you will be able to make money by provide banking services to customers.

The Monie point will allow you to provide services like:

  • Data top up.
  • Airtime top up.
  • Money transfer.
  • Cash withdrawal.
  • All Bills payment.

Monie point offers there agent two types of transactions channel.

  1. POS.
  2. SmartPOS.

This approach you’ve got the selection to pick the transaction channel you like and start your POS business.

First monie POS Machine.

First monie

First monie own by first bank of nigeria. They are number one trusted bank in nigeria, with high customer.

To become first monie agent and get free POS machine, you have to follow this following requirements.

  1. Open First bank account.
  2. Downloadfirst monie app (Available on Google play store).
  3. Do minimum of ten transaction per day (For two to three months).

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Once you complete this requirement you will be able to get free POS machine from first bank of nigeria.

Kudi POS Machine.


Kudi is an accessable, affordable and profitable mobile money agent in nigeria and they are the best way to earn more income in nigeria as a small business owner.

Kudi was founded in the year 2017 by Pelumi Aboluwarin and Yinka Adewale.

Kudi company offer point of sale terminal (POS). To get yours, Download the Kudi App (Available On Google Playstore) and follow this requirement:

Create an Account with your:

  1. Name.
  2. Phone Number.
  3. Business Name.

And other required details in the registration page.

Make sure you use a valid Phone Number (why?).

Because the phone number you used to register will becomes your Kudi wallet account number (Just like OPay).

Which will gives you access to log in to your Kudi wallet account.

Like I said earlier, kudi offer free POS machine, but you need to do a few transactions on with their mobile app.

You can now request for a POS from the APP after updating it.


Here are the best POS machine in nigeria with good Commission rate.

This are the four POS terminal am using in my office. And am enjoying there commission rate. Especially OPay POS. That is why I recommend them for you guys.

If you have any questions regarding this article, kindly drop your comment and I promised to give an answer to it as soon as i see the comment.

Thanks for reading. If you find this article helpful please share with your friends and family.

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