5 Legal Business You Can Do With Your Smartphones In 2021

5 Online Business You Can Do With Your Smartphones In 2021

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Start online business: The use of smartphones nowadays, is beyond browsing the internet (or social media networks), communication (calls and messages).

You got this

There are billions of people online now, making money for doing online business. If you are not making money with your smartphone definitely this article is for you.

Your smartphone supposed to have pay you back the money you used to bought it (am serious).

The smartphone I used (iTel A33) before bought the one am using currently using has pay back my money. That’s how it supposed to be.

There are online business I will recommend for you in this article, And it can be done using your mobile phone (not even computer). Without leaving your room. And some of these business can even continue give you money while you are sleeping.

Let dive in.

In this article, I will list the most popular online legal business you can do to make money apart from doing Yahoo Yahoo.

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5 Online Business Should Try.

Here are the five legal business am talking about. Read and drop your thoughts.


Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most easiest way to make money online legally. Affiliate marketer are people that selling another company’s product on social media network, online group discussion or forums for an agreed commission between the company and the marketer.

Popular company with affiliate program.

  • Amazon.
  • Jumia.
  • Konga.
  • UBA bank.
  • Zenith Bank
  • Harmonweb.

They are many, but this are the most popular company I knew. you can register with any of the company (you can even register under all the company) or any other e-commerce website your like.

You can also search for more on online (google ) whatI have to say is that, try to follow their rules and regulations, sell their products and services in a perfect way and get your on share (commission) from the products customer buy through your link.


Blogging is now become the most popular online business.

Naija mobile tech

Bloggers are people that solving people’s problem online by provide a definitive guide (writing articles) on any issues they are facing.

In 10 years ago, there are a few blogs in nigeria (Linda, naijaloaded, waploaded, bella naija.) But now, are billions of blogs online.

(Why it becomes popular?) Because it profitable, especially for writer. 75% of bloggers are making cool money.

How to create blog.

Before you can have your own space (blog) on the internet, you must buy domain and host it (both domain and host cost 5k annually) . Then install WordPress and start your blogging carrier.

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If you can’t afford the 5k, try to get 3k or 1k for the domain (.com is 3k while .com.ng is 1k). Then go for Blogger.com using your google account to signup.

How to make money with blog.

To make money with your blog you have to sign to google adsense program, but you have to work hard in other to make money with adsense.

Write your contents by yourself or hire a professional writers fiverr. Make the blog available (ready) for adsense approval.

There are google adsense alternative(search online), where you can place their ads your blog and earn money. But google AdSense is their king.

Popular adsense alternative.

  • Adsnaira
  • Propeller ads.
  • Mgid.
  • Infolink.

Front-End Development.

Coding is profitable business you can do to make money as a student. There are two type of web development,

  1. Front-End Development.
  2. Back-End Development.

Front-End Developers are programmers that know (learn) only script and markup languages (HTML, CSS And JavaScript). For just designing a website.

Back-End Developers are programmer that that know (learn) programing languages (MySQL, PHP, Java, python etc). For building website from scratch and build app and games.


But in this article, I will talk about Front-End Development, because I’m Front-End Developer. And I make some money from just designing school, company, business and personal websites.

Where to learn Front-End programming language.

  • W3schools.com
  • Sololearn.com

Electricity bill payment And Gotv, DStv subscription.

Most of people have DStv or Gotv in their house and they are subscribing to it when it expired, whether weekly or monthly.

Subscription of Gotv or DStv not only done in their offices or through their agent, you can also help them subscribe it using your smartphone.

Before you can be able doing this, you must be a registered agent. After the confirmation of the registration, you can start doing the job and get discount as your own commission.


Subscribing this device or paying electricity Is easier than you what you imagine, (am talking from experience) I’m doing it, it has no stress.

Note: You need internet connection, to browse the internet. This business is 100% internet connection, and you are good to go at anytime.

Selling of recharge card and Data.

I think this is clear and understandable that, the number of people that using smartphone is increasing every day.

And almost all smartphone users can do without Data or airtime on their phones.

Nigerians spent one billion naira in the year 2019 for Airtime and data subscription only. While all these data and airtime we are talking about were bought from vendors, not directly from the nigeria network providers (MTN, GLO, Airtel And Etisalat).

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Do you know that you can start selling Data and airtime online using your smartphone?

What you have to do is to register with any reliable and trustworthy company that has a good partnership with network providers.

Once you registered, advertise the business with your friends and family on social media network and your community.

From there you will be known in your city.

3 Trusted company to join and start the data selling business.


There are many online businesses you can do and make money using your smartphone. Create online job (establish business) for yourself, you can even use these online businesses as a side hustle. because one stream (business) of income can’t make you succeed in time. but doing two or more is very okay.

It’s your own round now, let me know your thoughts on this article. I really want to hear from you guys. Kindly drop your comment through the comment section below.

And don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

Notice: All Naija Mobile Tech Content Will Be Move To Our New Website " www.hundredkey.com" on 15th Of April 2021. While We will turn naija mobile tech to forum. Click here For more info.

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