Moniepoint: Reliable And Trusted Mobile Money Platform In 2021

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Updated On March, 16 2021

Monipoint is the king, when we are talking about the best mobile money agency company with fastest and secure transaction in nigeria.

What is moniepoint agency?

Moniepoint is the most reliable and trusted mobile money platform in nigeria (local money transactions).

Moniepoint send and receive money

Moniepoint company becomes largest mobile money platform in nigeria within a year.

Moniepoint offer fast and secure point of sale (POS) terminal. You won’t have a problem when using their POS. Am going to guide you on how you can get your own moniepoint POS in this article.

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Keep reading.

There are a lot of complain (by agents) about debiting customer account without seeing the money.

This issue commonly occur on some point of sale (POS) terminal when there is no network (either the customer bank network or the terminal).

They will debit there card and the agent will not see the funds.

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If you were the agent, will you give the customers that money? No, you can’t, because is not in your account.

The only solution for them is to visit their bank to complain the issue. And not all customer understand that. They might think you want to cheat them.

Note: All POS terminal can debit customer card, if there is a bad network during the process of the transaction. But,

If it is on moniepoint POS terminal, the issue will solve easily. The agent (if you are moniepoints agent that having the issue you ) will complain to moniepoint teams and they will reach the customer bank, for the reverse of the funds without them visiting the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does moniepoint POS works?

Moniepoint pos was meant to make and receiving payments with zero stress. It gives capacity to make a payment for goods, from your moniepoint accounts using point of sale (POS) terminal.

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With moniepoint mobile app, you can also pay for bills, betting and withdraw cash using point of sale (POS).

How do I become a Moniepoint Agent?

To became moniepoint agent is the most easier steps ever.

You need nothing else than visit and sign up using the agent registration form.

Once you submitted the requirements, you will be contacted within 48 hours. Either with your email address or mobile phone number.

After the verification, you can now visit moniepoint POS login to login to your dashboard.

How do I apply for Moniepoint POS?

Before you can apply for Moniepoint POS machine, there are some requirements or let information they will need you to provide in registration page to be a full agent before you can apply for terminal.

Moniepoint will need your personal information to register as their agent and give you free POS machine.

Such as:

  • First name
  • last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • The gender.
  • Email address.
  • Username.
  • Phone number.
  • Mother maiden name.
  • Two address line.
  • Country and city.

Here are what you need to register as moniepoint agent. But they still need some documents to complete your agent registration.

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Here are the documents they will ask from you for full agent registration.

  • Business License.
  • Bank Account number.
  • Nepa Bill of your house.
  • Identity card (National,Voters Card).
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN).

You think why do they need your BVN? They will need your BVN to confirm that your personal information you submitted is valid for proper KYC (know your customer) documentation only.

How will I contact moniepoint teams if I have issue?

Moniepoint offer 24/7 customer support, You can reach their support team through contact details below.

  1. Moniepoint whatsApp number: 08141500017, 09093170000, 09030009613
  2. Moniepoint support email:
  3. Moniepoint office number: 08141500017, 09093170000, 09030009613
  4. Moniepoint on Facebook:
  5. Moniepoint on Twitter:
  6. Moniepoint on Instagram:

Note: Monipoint services is very good, because they offer low rate services.

The but is, thier support team is active all their line is always off and if you chat them on WhatsApp they might not reply quickly.

I have received many messages, and is all about their bad customer support. That’s why am editing this article.

If you want to contact them, use email address. They will reply you, but it might takes to long.

How can I get moniepoint POS machine?

To get your free moniepoint POS machine, contact moniepoint and ask for POS. They are going to guide you through on how to get the POS machine easily.

How much is moniepoint POS machine?

Moniepoint POS machine price is 25k. If you don’t meet up with their requirements, you can go to moniepoint office and buy the POS machine.

How much is moniepoint transaction charges?

Moniepoint transaction charges depends on the platform you want to transfer to. But they charges a flat rate of N20 for every transfer to bank.

How much is moniepoint POS charges?

Moniepoint POS charges as low as N6.2 for withdraw (like one thousand to four thousand) if customer withdraw more than that the charges will increase. No extra bank charges in moniepoint.

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You can charges customer any amount you like. But I charge 100 naira for 1000 to 4000 naira in my shop.

Does moniepoint POS give commission for bill payment?

Yes, you will get commission for bills payments also on monie point POS. Apart from the charges you will collect from the customer.


MTN 3% commission
Glo  4% commission
Etisalat  4.5% commission
Airtel 4% commission

FOR TV Subscription.

DStv 2% commission.
GOgtv 2% commission.
PHCH 2% commission.
Startime 2% commission.

moniepoint POS login

moniepoint pos login not different from moniepoint login. To to your moniepoint dashboard, download monie point application on google play store and login.

And there is option to login to your dashboard by visit from your browser. And start your POS business immediately

How do I solve the transaction exceed the daily transaction limit.

The alert that says “the transaction exceed the daily transaction limit” when ever you want to deposit to your account or do any transaction means that you have reached the maximum amount you can transacte on KYC level 1.

What you have to do is to upgrade your KYC level to business level and enjoy your transaction.

How To Upgrade Moniepoint KYC Level.

To upgrade your moniepoint account KYC (know your customer) level, go to your moniepoint dashboard then click menu and tap on “Settings” you will see the current level you are on.

So click on upgrade and Choose the KYC Level you like. That’s all.

If you can’t do this my yourself, contact moniepoint teams for the upgrade.

Where is moniepoint head office address?

Moniepoint head office located at number 12, Wole Ariyo street, Lekki phase 1., Lagos State, Nigeria.

What people are saying about moniepoint?

Monipoint Review: Moniepoint is legit company in nigeria.

I have been using monie point service since august 15, 2020. And I enjoyed their services.

Moniepoint POS terminal is super fast and easy to operate. There is a day my customer was debited ( with 35 thousand naira) using UBA master card, guess what, they reverse the money instantly.

They has no bad record. Let hear hear what other people are saying about them.

Customer review

Customer review

Moniepoint review

Where to download moniepoint app.

Moniepoint official app is available on google play store and appcombo.

Make sure you download the right monie point application. Here are more information about the application.

App Info:

  • Name: Monie Point financial services.
  • File size: 2M.
  • Developedby: TeamApt Limited.
  • Download: 10,000+


Can I ask you questions?

Of course yes. If you have any other questions regarding monie point activities that you don’t discuss in this article, kindly make a use of comment box and we promised to respond to your request as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

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172 thoughts on “Moniepoint: Reliable And Trusted Mobile Money Platform In 2021”

  1. Avatar of Ajekiigbe Babatunde Kunle
    Ajekiigbe Babatunde Kunle

    Good day,

    I have over 8 years experience from two commercial Banks.

    I handle all POS deployment and issues for the bank.

    I am ready to use my experience of POS knowledge to move the company to a greater height if considered.

    Looking forward to hear from the Company.


  2. Avatar of Mmesoma

    Moniepiont one Mr Uchenna Henry Adiele agent from Abia State ate my money. Made me loose so many customers because of your POS. I swear i didn’t get any gain having the POS. It was frustrating. I wont advice anybody to come for your POS. Even after paying 40k. I lost everything. Pls tell him to give me my balance of POS retrieval. Thank You

  3. Avatar of lucy owolabi

    Hello moniepoint, I have been writing to your company through Email, I want to be one of your agent, pls do have your representative in satellite town, pls I will like to have his or her phone no. Thanks

  4. Avatar of Olawale

    Monipoint terminal is very good with low rate but thier support team is active all their line is always off and if you chat them on WhatsApp they don’t reply

  5. Avatar of Omabuike Roseline
    Omabuike Roseline

    I can’t access my pos machine.
    The message I keep getting is ‘authentication problem.’ what do I do?

  6. Avatar of Victor

    This transaction exceeds your single deposit transaction limit, what does this mean.
    I can only carry out withdrawal transactions and not deposit and I saw the above statement, pls why?

  7. Avatar of mike

    Good day, I applied for monipoint terminal and it was to be delivered to me later in d day which they just call me today, I live in Abuja but right now am in porthacourt and will be returning to Abuja next, I don’t know whether if someone received the package for me today will it start counting or till I come back and deposit to the wallet. Please I need a response. Thanks

  8. Avatar of Fagbuyiro kayode
    Fagbuyiro kayode

    Pls I need ur help I was mistakenly debited 20,000 4rm Nonie point Pls how can I get my money bk. Av been to my bank GTB. Bt Dey say d fault is 4rm monie point it happens on 9/3/ one of ur agent

  9. Avatar of Aliyu

    Hello I ordered for moniepoint POS terminal and i was told they are upgrading their services in Lagos, please how true is this ?

  10. Avatar of Chisom peter Ajene
    Chisom peter Ajene

    I’m chisom peter Ajene from Anambra
    Here is my wallet detail 8109374542 please how do I get statement transaction of my account pls below is my mail

  11. Avatar of Paul Godwin

    Good day
    Please why is monie point giving on commission, daily transactions 100, 000 and if one fails to meet a commission, you would block the account.

    Secondly, since you don’t have the Android type of POS, can you still perform a transfer with this analog type

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