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Mobile Phone Repair Tools Checklist [2020]

Today am going to list for you, the most used mobile phone repair tools and their prices in this article.

The word phone repair is now become the most part of our life activities. Of course it’s.

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone. Especially we student. Either it is a button phone or smart phone. you need one for your study.

That is why there are many types of mobile phone problems arises every day. Which also make phone engineer make a research on the problems and look for the solution.

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To be able to look for mobile phone problems, you need these tools. To make a research on which particular path is having the problem on PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

If you have zero experience in mobile phone repairing work, you don’t need to worry about knowing them. This article is for you. What you need now is to sit down with your coffee and follow this article.

List Of Phone Repair Tools

Hot Air Station

Hot air station

Hot Air Station is one of the most used tools for mobile phone. You can’t do without it. It also known as “SMD” (Surface Mounted Devices ).

This tool can be used for Sold, heat phones. It can also be used to desold some components on the PCB .

Work that hot air station can do on PCB are listed below:

  • Can be remove display screen.
  • Can be sold diode.
  • Resistors.
  • Transistor and other IC.
  • For heatig PCB.
  • For sold battery connector.
  • For sold charging port.

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Hot air station price in nigeria is between 25,000 naira. It depends on your budget and location. You can even see hot air station 50,000 naira.

AC Power Supply Machine.

AC DC power supply station

This AC DC Power station is a power supply station, that supplies power for mobile phone without insert the phone battery.

AC Power Supply Machine can be used for:

  • Supplying power for mobile phone When there is no battery available.
  • Boosting flat batteries.

AC Power Supply Machine price in nigeria is 10,000 naira upward.

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Soldering Iron.

Soldering iron

Soldering Iron can be used to sold electronic parts and components on PCB. This tool used for soldering anything micro like capacitors, diode, resistors, mouth piece, laud speakers and screen.

Soldering Iron price in nigeria is 1,000 naira upward. Like I said earlier, it depends on your budget and location. There is soldering iron 3,000 naira.



Mobile phone toolkit has multiple screwdrivers. It can be used to open any types of screws. (Why?) Because It has many pieces screwdrivers.

Toolkit price in nigeria is 1,000 naira upward.



People called this picker, because it can be used to pick micro electronic components on PCB when working on it.

It is price in nigeria is 500 naira.

Flasher Box.

Flasher box

Flashing box are use for flashing mobile phone. we called this software, why? Because you won’t remove any screw for this work.

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There are different types of flasher box available in nigeria for different smartphone.

The list of some flasher box that available in nigeria:

  • UFS.
  • Jaff.
  • ATF Box.
  • Infinity box.
  • Z3X Flasher.

You can also search online for any types of flasher box that are not listed.

Like I said earlier, flashing process is called software in GSM work. This flasher box can be used for any types of software problems like:

  • Unlocking phones.
  • Hard reset phones.
  • Formatting phones.
  • And memory card format.

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Flasher box price in nigeria is between 5,000 and 7,000 naira.

Jumper wire.

Jumper wire

This wire is very useful for jumping from one components to another. Why jumping? If the first component is damage, we can use the jumper wire to move it to another component. I called this tracking wire.

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Jumper wire price in nigeria is just 200 naira only.

Multi Meter.

Multi meter

Multi Meter has many uses, that’s why it called multimeter. Multimeter is also a tracking tools. (Yes It is!)  It use for checking some components on PCB

Such as:

  • Diodes status.
  • Resistors status.
  • Transistor status.
  • DC Volt Checking.
  • AC Volt Checking
  • Checking DC Current
  • Checking AC Current. Etc.

Multi meter price in nigeria now is between 1,500 to 2,000 naira.

Soldering wire.

Soldering wire

The soldering wire is the most important tools you most have in phone repair shop as GSM engineer.

Solder wire will be melts by iron before it starts it’s work on PCB.

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Without soldering wire, you can’t sold some electroinic components on PCB. Such as:

  • Speakers.
  • Charging port.
  • Display Screen.
  • Battery connector. Etc.

Soldering wire price in nigeria is 500 naira.

Soldering paste or Flux.

Soldering paste used for smooth soldering on PCB. This will help to quickly remove any hard component without damage.

ISOPropyl alcohol

ISOPropyl alcohol used to clean dirt or carbon on PCB. And when the phone dropped in water.

We can use isopropyl alcohol to clean component like: speakers and Mike.

Isopropyl alcohol price in nigeria is 500 naira.

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Magnifier Lamp.

No matter what, you need magnifier lamp. Why? Because It is used to see the magnified structure of any parts on the PCB that is very small.

Magnifier lamp price in nigeria is 5,000 naira.

PCB Holder.

The PCB holder can be used to hold PCB while working. It make it easy for engineer to work on PCB like soldering changing IC, Network IC and other components etc.

PCB Holder price in nigeria is 3,000 naira.

Other useful phone repair tools

  1. PPD.
  2. BGA Kit.
  3. Iron Stand.
  4. Mobile Opner.
  5. Desolding Wire.
  6. Vibrator Machine.

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