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Mobile Phone Problem And Solutions 2021 Reviews

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Today, am going to talk about the most 8 common mobile phone problem and their solutions of nowadays phones.

Common Smartphone problem and solution

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By following this article you will know how your Smartphone is behaving and how to solve the problem without stressing yourself.

In the last article I talked about 10 Mobile Phone Fault And Symptoms which I recommend it for you to read.

Also if your mobile phone dropped in water and wondering how you are going to solve the problem without going to mobile phone repairing shop.

Here how to Fix a phone dropped in water by yourself  without damaging anything on your phone.

Now let me proceed to today topic “8 common mobile phone problem and solutions. Now read and leave your comment.
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 1. Mobile Phone is Responding Slowly.

By far, the difficulty that plagues most mobile phone customers is a tool that looks to gradual down through the years.

New updates to the working machine, in particular on getting older phones, along with apps that run while now not in use seem to be what triggers slow responses the most.

Solution To  Responding Slowly

Clear the Cache and Make Some Room Start through closing apps that you aren’t the usage of, and alter your settings to keep unimportant apps from running within the heritage at all times. These eat up treasured RAM area.
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Feel unfastened to delete apps and software which you don’t need and unfastened up storage space by using shifting photographs and different content to a cloud service.

If your problem is with slow internet speeds instead of smartphone speeds, strive alternating between data and Wi-Fi to look which has a more potent signal.

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And near other apps or area offerings that may be taking over bandwidth.

Be careful not to go over your records restriction in case you favor to go along with information over Wi-Fi.

If you are experiencing lag
because of a weak community, there might not be more you could do.

If it’s because you are the use of an vintage phone this is incompatible with new updates, you will need to update your smartphone and upgrading.

2. Phone Battery Problems

How can you use your mobile phone if it doesn’t stay long sufficient? Battery doesn’t stay long sufficient?
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When you changed your phone full and you find it die too fast, strive changing most of the following settings and clearing apps that may drain your battery.

Solution To Phone Battery Problems

Optimize Your Standby Time First, make certain the charger you are the use of is optimized to your battery.

Then shorten your display timeout setting so that your phone will nod off sooner while not in use, and decrease your brightness whilst feasible.

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If your mobile phone has a battery saving mode, provoke it each time you want your smartphone to be reachable without plugging it in for several hours.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, regulate your settings so that device hogging apps and updates don’t run in background.

3. Phone Screen Cracked Problem

Since mobile phone displays are product of glass, if it falled down it gonna break.

And cracks can also result in issues together with your touch screen responses or permit in
moisture over the years.
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So it’s critical to have your mobile phone repaired after the screen gets damaged.

Solution To phone Screen Cracked

Repair for Now, Prevent for Later If your display screen has already cracked, you’ll want to have it changed as quickly as you could.

So when you changed it make sure you buy a reliable case and display screen protector(Screen Guide) or maintain your phone in a padded pouch or wallet some thing with the intention to Cushion the autumn must it slip from your hold close.

4. Phone Dropped In Water

Accidents happen to the excellent folks. It’s scary while your phone receives submerged in water, particularly if the display starts flashing or looking peculiar.

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You may think your phone is spoiled, (but not yet) and it’s genuine that water damage is possibly one of the trickiest phone issues to cope with, however there’s continually still a sliver of desire.

Your satisfactory wager is to get some professional help.

Solution To Phone Dropped In Water

Take It to the Repair Shop Rather than panicking it, turn off the phone quickly if is not inbuilt battery, remove the battery.

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Perhaps keep it in a few rice when you have any reachable to assist take in some of the moisture and head in your nearest phone repair shop.

Don’t plug the phone in or attempt to repair it on your very own. The technician might be able to decide the quantity of the damage.
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Take the tool apart to dry out the portions, and repair or replace precise elements as essential.

5. Phone Is Overheating Problem

Problem of Overheating Phone, Holding a unusually warm phone may be a peculiar enjoy, and it may be hard to know what to restoration it with out tossing the tool within the freezer.

Overheating can seriously damage your battery and display life.

If you notice your phone is too warm, here are some better ways to cool it down.

Solution To Mobile Phone Overheatings

Keep It Cool and Inactive.
For starters, your phone must be kept out of direct daylight and stored in a dry, shaded bag or pocket that gained’t transfer the solar’s heat.

After removing out of doors warmness sources, take the time to loosen up your busy phone with the aid of reducing brightness.

Remaining apps, abstaining from overbearing Wi-Fi or data use.

And making sure to post pone downloads or updates until your is cool down or better moment, while you plug your phone in at night time.

6. Storage Full

People are taking pictures and films more now than ever before, so storage space has turn out to be a actual trouble for a whole lot of smartphone users.
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Apps, downloads and new operating device capabilities additionally make a contribution to the cramped space within your phone’s memory.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to free space on on your mobile phone.

Solution To Fulled Up Storage

“Expand Your Mobile Phone Storage” (Why? how? Don’t worry am going to explain what I mean the word “expand” ).

Option Beyond Your Phones Memory In the same way that owners nevertheless put money into storage gadgets to keep more property.

You may discover other devices on your information and images.

You can expand your mobile phone storage by include a variety of cloudbased alternatives.

like iCloud, Google Drive, Box, Fillip and many more or you may transfer your contents, files to external drives or a computer to take away miscellaneous archives from your mobile tool.

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You can also purchase a micro SD card to expand your phone storage. You may want to, of course.

Also undergo the old technique of printing out your photos and deleting them from your phone as soon as you have you store them somewhere that safe.

7. Mobile Phone Screen Keeps Freezing Problem

When your phone is frozen, and the home button doesn’t even work, the first thing you could do is pressure the phone to close down and restart (Reboot).

But what if it seems like it’s continuously taking place? If your phone is freezing always.

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It may be quite inconvenient, and it’s typically because of low storage space, excessive app use and, now and again, malware infection.

Solution To Mobile Phone Screen Keeps Freezing

Clean up the phone recently app that you are not using, Close apps which might be running in background, clean the cache, uninstall the app you don’t use anymore, move some files to an external storage or get an app that actually cleans up the trash in your phone for you on play store.

8. Bluetooth Connection Problems

The issue may not be visible, but in case you strive a few of those fixes, you should be capable of carry out a way to resolve it.

Solution To Bluetooth Connection

Troubleshooting For starters, is that Bluetooth app matched along with your phone? The device might not be frequent for all phones.

You also can strive setting the devices right subsequent to every different to make sure that no obstruction is inflicting the problem.

Once you’ve got tried that and checked to ensure Bluetooth is smooth out the gunk that’s stopping a good connection in your charging cable.
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If it’s the cable or wall adapter that’s defective, change them out.

Unfortunately, if the issue is actually associated with a damaged charging port, you’ll head to the repair shop.


If the mobile phone problem  you’re experiencing isn’t included in this article, kindly drop your comment or Contact us directly for help online and offline.

You can as well do a few net researches online.

You can also contact us for
any extra assistance that the guidelines have not been publish on naijamobiletech Blog. We’re right here to assist!

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