How to manage data plan on computers and Smartphone

How To Manage Data Plan On Computer [And Smartphone]

In this article you are going to learn how to make your computers and smartphone  data Plan last longer than before.


Most of us are students. We manage to buy cheap data plan to be able to browse the internet to help our study.

Imagine you subscribe 2GB data and expect it to download the file or handout you wanted to download, unfortunately, it stop when it reach 89% how will you feel.

Am talking from experience. This happened to me. I almost cried that day. (Lol). That is why I make a research on how to manage my data plan on both my Smartphone and laptop.

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And I finally see an awesome solution to it. Which am going to share with you guys in this article.

Keep reading.

How to manage data plan on Your computer.


Activate Metered Connection.

Metered the internet connection will make the device to limit or prevent files from using data in background.

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If you activate metered connection, your computer will disable Windows update, file updates and others.

To Metered your computer internet connection is very simple. Just go to Network & Internet in Settings and find the connection name in Wi-Fi then select Advanced Options. That’s all.

limit Data Usage of your PC

If you set data limit on your computer, it will be monit seeor and restrict unnecessary usage of your PC.

And will help you to manage your plan.

Here is the guidelines for Data Usage limit settings:

  • Open your computer Settings.
  • And then click Network & Internet.
  • Finally, click  Data Usage.

Now click on the drop-down menu and select wired network adapter that you want to restrict.

You are going to see “Data limit” under it, you will see Set limit button click and.

  • Select the kind of limit you would like to use.

Data limit types

  1. One time.
  2. Monthly
  3. Unlimited.

Monitor the data usage of each apps.

Studying the data usage of your computer will really help you to know how to manage your data plan on your computer.

You will know how much the amount data each apps consumed.

How to view data usage on PC.

To view the data usage of your system follow this guidelines.

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click on Network & Internet.
  3. Finally, Click Data Usage.

In a new page, you will see “Overview” under the overview, you are going to see the data usage from 30 days. So click “View usage”  to see the data usage of each app on your PC.

Choose Internet browser that save data.

A browser with data saving feature is the best for managing data plan on computers and smartphones.

Such as:

  • Puffin Browser.
  • Firefox browser.
  • Chrome browser.
  • Opera mini browser.

Now let me move to how to manage data plan on your smartphone. and I hope you understand the guide on how manage your data plan on PC (personal computer)?.

How to manage data plan on smartphone.

Limit Streaming.

How does it sound? Yes limit it. Because streaming is using more and data on a smartphone.

Streaming video consumes more data. even, more than downloading video files.

If you will need to watch any topic tutorial online, try to download it to your mobile phone to save data.

Limit Apps Data Usage.

Limit the data your phone apps use in background to make your data plan long.

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To limit the amount of data your phone apps use open your phone settings and follow this guidelines.

  • Open your smartphone settings. And Scroll down to app settings.

Apps settings

  • Scroll to the app that use data in background.
  • Then click data usage.

Data usage

You will see that “background data” is enabled, uncheck it to disable background data usage.

Background data

You can take the same step to disable background data and save data of other apps.

Here is how I used to manage my data plan on both my android phone and laptop.

I hope these article will help you too, to manage your data plan. And enjoy your browsing.

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