Latest itel mobile phone

Latest Itel Mobile Phone In 2020

Hey guys, today am going to share the four latest itel mobile phone with you. Which are: Itel S16, Itel P36, Itel A56 and Itel S15 Specs and price in nigeria.

Itel mobile company just released this 4 smartphones with a good specification and features.

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In nigeria, itel mobile price is affordable. It starts from fifteen thousand naira (#15,00) upward.

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What is the latest itel in 2020 ?

Itel A56 Specs And Price In Nigeria.

Itel A56 Specs And Price In Nigeria.

Itel S16 Specs And Price In Nigeria.

iTel S13 Specs And Price In Nigeria

Itel S15 Specs And Price In Nigeria.

Itel P36 Specs And Price In Nigeria.

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The Smartphones listed below are the best and latest itel mobile phone in 2020.

If you are YouTuber, Blogger or snapchat users, I will recommend Itel S16 for you.

Because it has all what you need. Such as:

  • Long life battery (5000mAh).
  • Sharp camera (triple).
  • Best processor.
  • 16GB internal storage.

Some are not released in 2020, but they are best itel mobile phone. Like itel S15, it was released on November 2019.

If Your favorite phones was not listed, kindly let us know to make a new research on it.

But for now, this 4 Itel mobile phone is the latest and best itel smartphone in 2020.

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Also, your desire phone is from another manufacturer, just drop the company name through comment box and will make reviews on it and get back to you.

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