1. Solomon
    September 22, 2020 @ 7:21 pm

    My itel a33 off and never on. Please is there a solution?


    • Smile
      September 22, 2020 @ 8:20 pm

      Of course yes! Take it to an engineer. If you are engineer, clean the PCB and heat it with hot blower. And try to power on it. If not work, change the power IC


  2. henry
    October 15, 2020 @ 7:31 am

    Itel a33 is a bad phone I regret of buying the phone at the first place it keep saying temperature is too high power off I don’t what to do even if I don’t press the phone that’s what it will say


    • I.O Seun
      October 17, 2020 @ 5:13 pm

      Sorry for that! Do you know what cause it? There are two things that caused it.
      1. Pressing phone while charging.
      2. Overcharging.
      Follow this article and thank me later
      click here to jump to solution section.


  3. Ibrahim OS
    November 16, 2020 @ 7:11 am

    You are welcome


  4. Najim
    January 23, 2021 @ 11:11 am

    Thanks bro. I will give it a try.


  5. Sulaiman
    January 23, 2021 @ 7:14 pm

    I have try this method and it works. I charge my phone when it remain 35%. But if I browse for long period of time, the temperature too high will show up and my phone will shutdown. Is there a solution for that?


  6. Solomon
    March 1, 2021 @ 2:34 pm

    My itel A16 always show ‘battery temperature too low phone will soon shutdown’ and it waits a few seconds and then shut down.

    It doesn’t go pass the booting interface since the problem started

    Please what’s the solution


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