Itel A33 Temperature Too High Solution

Last updated on October 19, 2020

A lot of Itel android devices users are complaining Itel a33 temperature too high and Itel a14 battery temperature too low.

If you are itel a33 and a14 user, and you are also experiencing this temperature too high issue, this article is for you.

Android smartphoneIn this article, you are going to learn how to solve  the temperature too high power off on your itel a33 or a14 easily.

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Before I move to the solution section, let me first talk about the causes of the temperature too high.

Causes of itel a33/a14 temperature too high issue.

  • Charging phone to 100%:

Charging your phone to reach 100 percent all the time is not good enough. This lead to overcharge and cause temperature too high or too low.

Read our previous article: Why you should not charge your full [100%] you are going to understand what am trying to say. On the article, I talked only on why you should not charge your phone full to 100 percent.

  • Unuse Wifi and bluetooth:

Activating your phone wifi and bluetooth connection without using them can make your phone overheat and result in temperature too high or battery temperature too low.

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  • Pressing phone while charging:

This is most common thing people are doing nowadays. If they are doing something on their phones and noticed that it going to shut down, they will rush to power socket to plug the phone and continue pressing it which is not good for you and your phone.

This will make the phone do overheating and result in temperature too high or temperature too low.

It can even injury you if you don’t no how to prevent yourself. This is very dangerous.

If you are doing it. As you are reading this article, leave end it.

Here is the five Xender Features you should know.👇

5 Xender Features: Definitive Answer

  • Charging phone with bad charger:

Using unhealthy charger will affect your phone heath. Even it will make the battery reduce (weak) quickly.

  • Unuse Apps:

Leaving your unused app on your phone is not advisable. Trash them to free up your phone internal storage.

Low space can make your phone run abnormally.

Solution to itel a33/a14 temperature too high issue.

Mobile phone

  • Switch on airplane mode:

Once you see the temperature too high message, quickly active airplane mode to disconnect all app running in background.

  • Power off the phone quickly:

If you received temperature too high, quickly power off the phone and remove the battery.

Now Wait for like 2 minutes before insert the battery. You will see that your battery percentage reduce.

Fix a phone dropped in water by yourself

Here is an easy way you can use to fix your phone by yourself if dropped in water.

  • Install AIDA64 app:

Open your phone google play store on your  phone and search for AIDA64 “and  click on install to be able to use AIDA64 on your phone.

What is AIDA64 App?

AIDA64 is an android application, that allow android user to view their phones hardware statistics.

AIDA64 App have a capacity to display the version of your running device.

Such as:

  • Model and hardware.
  • Android Version.
  • Kernel Version.
  • Build number
  • Zlib version.

AIDA64 app is an terrific app for Android device and it does not take much internal storage space (trust me).

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And it will inform you the whole thing you should know about your Android phone.

Even, before it will say “temperature is too high power off” this app is recommended for itel a33 and A14 users.

  • Free up internal storage:

Free up your phone internal storage space to make your apps run perfectly and prevent temperature too high or low.

We have wrote an article on how to free up Android phone internal storage space kindly read Free Up Android Phone Space: Definitive Guide and make your phone apps run smoothly.


  • Don’t charge your phone full:

Yes don’t charge your phone battery to 100% and don’t charge your phone when is not less than 30%.

Ignoring this can weak your phone battery and result in temperature too high shut down.

Am taking from experience.

Naija mobile tech

I have experience this issues when am using Itel a33. That’s how I have an opportunity to write this article.

Please don’t ignore this if you want your phone to stop working abnormally, it very important.

  • Disactivate WiFi and bluetooth:

Activating wifi and bluetooth for a long period of time can make the phone to work abnormally.

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While active them without using them may result in battery temperature too high. Not on only Itel a33 and a14 only.

  • Close unused app:

Your phone may result in temperature too hight when you have a lot of apps open without using them.

So clear all unuse Apps to prevent your phone in temperature too high issue.

To do this click “recent app” button. The left button at the bottom of your phone. You will see clear sign.

Tap on it to trash all unuse apps that are running in background.

You can also do this by click your phone app drawer, and look for ” Accelerate” and click it to clear all apps that you are using currently.


These is exactly ways I used to stop itel a33 temperature too high issue.

To avoid this issue on your your, follow those steps. And when ever you charged your phone full, off it, remove the battery and insert it back.

You will not see the “temperature is too high” message through out the day.

We have not see permanently solution for the problem. But this will let you avoid it.

And it also works for itel a14 battery temperature too low issue. And other phone that saying battery temperature too high the phone will soon power off. 

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If you do all these tricks and you are still facing this issues. That’s mean something is wrong somewhere.

What should I do then?

The next thing to do is to check the battery performance with multimeter and also check the battery connector if there is no error.

If you are not a mobile phone engineer, don’t do this by yourself, to avoid damaging the phone part.

Take it to an professional engineer to repair the phone for you. That’s all


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  1. Solomon said:

    My itel a33 off and never on. Please is there a solution?

    September 22, 2020
    • Smile said:

      Of course yes! Take it to an engineer. If you are engineer, clean the PCB and heat it with hot blower. And try to power on it. If not work, change the power IC

      September 22, 2020
  2. henry said:

    Itel a33 is a bad phone I regret of buying the phone at the first place it keep saying temperature is too high power off I don’t what to do even if I don’t press the phone that’s what it will say

    October 15, 2020
    • I.O Seun said:

      Sorry for that! Do you know what cause it? There are two things that caused it.
      1. Pressing phone while charging.
      2. Overcharging.
      Follow this article and thank me later
      click here to jump to solution section.

      October 17, 2020

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