Import facebook contacts to whatsapp contact list

How To Import Facebook Contacts To WhatsApp [Easy Steps]

Good day guys, in this article you are going learn how to import facebook contacts to whatsapp easily.

I have been trying to import my facebook contacts to my whatsapp account for the past two weeks, before I came across this awesome method of Import it with no stress.

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We all know that, whatsapp is number one the most popular messaging platform in the world. With reliable messaging. fast conversation, secure account and free video and voice calling.

You might need to chat with your facebook friends on whatsapp. Or share large files with each other (even business documents).

Because there are some things you can’t do on facebook, while it available on whatsapp.

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What you have to do is it to import your facebook account contacts to whatsapp contact list and start your conversation.

To import your facebook account contacts to whatsapp contact list is very simple (you are going to learn it in this article). What you have to do now is to follow these guidelines below.

The method am going to share with you is 100% works, perfect, legal and very easy to do like I said earlier.

I know you might also need the methods, What’s why I decided to share it with you guys.

Let’s get started.

How To Import Facebook Contacts To WhatsApp.


1. Enable Sync For Facebook Messenger App.

First thing to do is to activate sync on the facebook to get the data.

What is Sync ?

Sync is the abbreviation for synchronize. It is a device feature that typically updates device (both Smartphones and personal computer) with the most recent information. It also called “data merging”

That’s why we need to enable this feature to get the data from facebook.

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The sync feature available on many device, such as:

  • PDA.
  • iPad.
  • Laptop.
  • Computer.
  • Smartphone.

To enable Sync for facebook messenger follow this guidelines.

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Scroll down to “apps & notification”
  • Tap on “see all apps”.
  • And find facebook messenger.

Clear the Facebook messenger data. Because you need to log out ( don’t worry, you are going to relogin).

Now back to your phone settings and scroll to “users & accounts” and then scroll down, you are going to see “Automatically sync data”

Screenshot 20201105 1235062 How To Import Facebook Contacts To WhatsApp [Easy Steps]

enable it. And login back to your facebook messenger app.

2. Enable Phone To Show Messager Contacts.

Now let move to step two. In this section, you are going to learn export facebook contacts and import it to your WhatsApp contact list.

Let’s proceed.

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  • Go To Phone Contacts list.
  • Tap the three dot option button.
  • Then click “contact to display or customize view”
  • Click messenger and mark the box.

Screenshot 20201105 1316242 How To Import Facebook Contacts To WhatsApp [Easy Steps]

Now your facebook contact will be listed on phone contacts list and create a file with .vcf.

Note: Not all contacts will be export, only the account that it’s privacy is public on facebook will be listed on your phone contacts list.

3. Import The Contacts To WhatsApp Contacts List.

  • Go to phone file manager.
  • Search the .vcf file.
  • Then select contacts. (When prompted),
  • Import it to device memory

Now go to whatsapp contact list And click menu (the there dot) the click on refresh.

You can now view your facebook contacts on your whatsapp contacts list. That’s all.

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