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Gionee F100 Network Problem Solution [Step By Step Guide]

Today am going to teach you how to solve gionee f100 network problem easily in this article.

If you are also experiencing network problem on gionee f100, this article is for you.

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Am going to teach you how to make a use of your gionee f100 3G and 4G and browse faster than before.

Some gionee f100 problem has no solution, but the network issue has. Which you are going to learn it in this article.

Android smartphone

Gionee f100 comes with 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. When you buy it new, all the network will work perfectly. But once it took six months to one year, there will be network problem.

What cause gionee f100 network problem ?

There are so many things that can cause the gionee f100 no network problem, but am going to list the most common that you can even experienced.

  • If the phone fall down.
  • If the phone is overheating.
  • If you hard reset the phone.
  • If the phone dropped in water.

These are the common causes of gionee f100 networks problems.

Now let look for the solution.

Solution to gionee f100 network problem.


Change the sim card:

If it’s your first time of experience this issues, kindly remove the sim that you inserted and insert another service provider (MTN, Airtel, Glo).

Switch to another network service:

If you hard reset your gionee f100, all the phone Settings will be gone. Which means, it going to remove the network service from 3G or 4G to default (2G).

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Install MTK Engineering Mode app:

MTK Engineering Mode Apps

MTK engineering mode app available on google play store. Open your phone google play store and search for the app.

After the installation of the app, open it and go to “MTT Settings”. Under Telephony then scroll down you are going to see “Network selecting/Preferred Network” Option there.

Select the name of the SIM you inserted to your gionee f100. Once it finished the processing, reboot your phone (restart). That’s all.

Are you still facing gionee f100 network problem after doing all solution listed below? (Yes?)

That’s mean something is wrong somewhere.

Change network cable

Then the next thing to do is to take the phone to a professional mobile engineer for repairing. (Why?)

Because there is what called network cable in mobile phone.

This cable is what give your phone a network signal and come from PCB to the sub panel of the phone (in bottom of the phone).

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If you do all the solution I first listed, and you are facing this problem again, that is what can cause and it should replace with an excellent (good) one or do a jumper from PCB to the network section because the problem might also additionally be on the sub panel.

Change sub panel of the phone

It might even be when you change the charging port because all of them are on the sub panel.

This sub panel is the only one that controls the phone mouthpiece, speaker and vibrator if an unprofessional engineer replace any of these on the panel, he/she might mistakenly damage the phone network sit. So you have to change it.

And it commonly damage when phone dropped in water or fall down.


Now everything is on your hand, if you have not change anything on the sub panel, then change network cable.

If you have, and you noticed that it that gionee f100 network problem start after you repair something on the sub panel, you have to change the sub panel completely.

Network cable is 700 naira in nigeria and the sub panel is 1000 naira.

You can also change both by yourself. But it not advisable. Because you might mistakenly damage anything on the phone.

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4 thoughts on “Gionee F100 Network Problem Solution [Step By Step Guide]”

  1. Avatar of Ibrahim OS

    Hi Olivia, this is not a matter of software (codes). (It’s a hardware) You have to change the phone sub panel or network cable. This will let your phone search more network.
    If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to use 4G and 3G network on the phone. Except that 2G and is very slow.

  2. Avatar of Olivia

    I have tried so many apps. Used a code (*#*#4636#*#*) bit still not working. Anytime I choose 4g network /Lte, my phone network service goes completely blank. Using 2g network isn’t so helpful. Only in the night time it works well. So bad.

    1. Avatar of Emmanuel Monday

      yes I o so face same problems guy 2g in this our generation so bad highest by luck 50-40kb but mostly in 20kb

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