Free up Android phone space

How To Free Up Android Phone Space [Definitive Guide]

Free up Android phone space: are you experience low space in your android mobile phone?

Some days ago, I also experience this low space on my android smartphone. 

That how this article come out. I can’t find a solution to my phone and keep quiet.

Because I know you might also having the same issue.

Imagine seeing a low space message on your phone screen, when you remember that, your mobile phone comes with higher internal storage. And you don’t store much files.

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Nowadays, most android mobile phone comes with 128,32,16GB internal storage space.

Which can store at least 40,30,20 large files with installed apps space without warning for low space.

If you are experiencing this issue, this article is for you also.

In this article, am going to show you guys the folder that is taking much of your android phone internal storage space.

And how you can easily free up Android phone space by yourself with no stress.

Most of people do not know the things which are occupying their phone storage space.

A lot of people are wondering why their android phone space is always full, without store much files.

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Some will even buy memory card, because they have not know that, they can free up their smartphone memory by just deleting an ordinary hidden document on their phones.

(Yes)There is an hidden folder in your mobile phone that is taking much space. And the files store in the folder is not useful for you or your phone.

By following this my guides steps by steps, you will successful free up your android phone space within 3 minute.

Steps 1: Locate file manager Settings

In this first step, the first thing you need to do is to open your android phone file manager.


And click on on the menu icon at the top right corner. You will see Settings. Just click it.

Steps 2: Permit Your Phone To Show Hidden Files.

Show hidden files

Once you click the Settings, you will will now permit your phone to let you see those hidden folder.


So you are going to see “show hidden files” check the box and click back to file manager. And locate a folder named “DCIM” In your file manager.

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What is DCIM Folder?

DCIM an abbreviation for Digital Camera Images. Which store apps, videos, audio thumbnail.

On this “DCIM” folder, you will see another folder named “.thumbnails”.

thumbnail hidden folder

This is the hidden folder am taking about. This save thumbnails all of your photographs, apps icons and movies. And you don’t need those files.

This thumbnail folder take minimum of 1G space at of your android phone space. And it depends on how much videos, apps you have on your phone.

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Steps 3: Trash hidden folder and create new folder.

Immediately delete this thumbnail folder. once you delete it, click on the plus + icon at the top right corner and then, create a brand new folder.

Make sure you name the new folder “.thumbnail”, this will stop the folder to create itself again and save those files.


So stop wasting money to buy memory card when you have higher internal storage.

I hope you understand all this steps? If there is where you don’t really understand, feel free to drop your comment.

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And am going to explain in additionally. Thanks for visiting

Have a wonderful day.

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