Fix a phone dropped in water by yourself

Last updated on September 26, 2020


Easy way to Fix a phone dropped in water, Smartphone falling in to water takes place often than anticipated.

Many instances our phone gets
damaged if we by chance dropped it in water. It can get wet with water, rain water, tea, espresso or every other liquid.

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After getting wet in water or any other liquid, most mobile telephone gets dead and forestalls operating. It won’t flip ON.

Or although it gets Switched ON for Few seconds or mins, it’ll once more Switch OFF on its very own and received’t flip ON once more.

Problems Caused by way of Water Damaged Mobile Phone

If you dropped your iPhone and Android Smartphone in water, then it is able to result in following issues:

  • It wont turn ON.
  • It may flip ON.

For few days, say month or so, but after few days it could start giving hassle.

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Dropped phone in water might also get switched ON however the display won’t work. Phone glitching after water harm.

These are some motives to worry in case you don’t understand how to repair and connect moist water broken cell mobile phone.

But repairing and fixing a wet mobile smartphone could be very smooth.

Anyone can do it without having to take the cellular phone to a service center.

Here is a full guides on how to restore water broken mobile cellphone by yourself.

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The same steps observe for all brands of mobile phone which includes -Samsung, China Mobile Phones, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Alcatel, LG, Panasonic, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Spice, Lava, Sony Ericsson, Micromax, iPhone and so on.

As a result, it is inevitable and could result in further complications whilst necessary steps are not nicely taken!

Consequently in this article, am going to teach you guys the most easy way Fix a phone dropped in water.

Smartphone that dropped in water and the proper measures aren’t taken without delay, possibilities are that the smartphone would possibly in the end go lifeless,

repairing a phone dropped in water

What’s known as electricity hassle! taking pressing steps becomes imperative specially for the ones the usage of phones with non-removable battery!

The real experience of GSM phone engineers and technicians, non-removable batteries does not genuinely exist, however for you.

They do due to the fact you do now not know a way to pass about dissembling them.

How to repair a phone dropped in water quickly


There are pretty quite a number of things you could do to dry out the phone that dropped in water to prevent water damage inside the mobile phone.

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Here are what you could do to Fix a phone dropped in water

Dispose of the mobile phone at once from the water. and repair the phone that dropped in water by yourself.

Remove the battery quick and don’t try and insert it to the phone. to check if it is nevertheless powering on because its nonetheless wet.

Do not panic! simply be patient.okay!

If the phone battery is in-built battery, use mobile phone repair tool (screwdrivers) or any other relevant that can do it without damaging anything in the phone.

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Dissemble the mobile phone and disconnect the battery terminal quickly.

Now positioned it wherein it is able to be heated to dry. first option is mobile phone repair tool ”hot air blower”.

(If you can’t find the tool) take it to an expert mobile phone repairing shop) other alternatives is probably to place it near hot gas cooker.

You can also use a warm range or maybe urgent iron as the case can be.

The intention right here is to ensure the mobile phone is moisture unfastened definitely.

While you are sure there’s no lines of water anymore.Then you may correctly reassemble the mobile phone.

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The other option that works is to completely repair a phone dropped in water if there is no mobile phone repairing shop in your area.

Is to soaked the phone in a bowl of uncooked rice grain and leave at least for 24hrs. 

If you are not certain you could dissemble complex phones, better don’t damage it. consult your smartphone care expert for satisfactory result.

What to do if water not properly dried

If the water within the phone isn’t always completely dried, soon enough will start to fall apart! 

The crucial elements like LCD socket and connectors a lots of other internal additives will begin to rust.

Why you should take the phone to mobile phone repairing shops

Like I said earlier, while a mobile phone falled in to water and takes long before it was removed from the water, 

it might result in damage some diode, capacitor or resistor in the phone.

If it happened, just power off the phone and remove the battery.

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Then take it to an expert mobile phone repairing shop that can repair a phone dropped in water perfectly to service the phone properly.

For more understanding kindly watch the tutorial on YouTube:

You can as well contact Us for any mobile phone problem

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