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How To Transfer Facebook Photos To Google Photo And Dropbox.

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In this article, you are going to learn how to transfer (copy) your facebook photos, videos to google photo and Dropbox easily.

Move Facebook photos to google photo and DropboxFacebook is the most popular social media network (in the world) for sharing photos, videos and chat with friends and family since 2004.

If you have been using facebook for some years ago, definitely you will have a lot of photos and videos uploaded to your account.

Social media is not a place to keep (save) your photos and videos for long periods of time. So you need a reliable and secure platform to move a copy of your photos and videos too.

Fortunately, there are two most popular and secure platform to save photos, videos and other documents and show them on your device without using your device internal storage or SD card.

  1. Google Photos.
  2. Dropbox.

Google photos: Google Photos is one of the most secure online photo sharing (and storage) platform in the world.

Google photo platform was developed by world best search engine (Google) teams some years ago. It available for both mobile phones and PC (personal computer).

Google gives a registered user a free 15G storage to save their photos and videos online and make a use of them any time.

Recently, google announced that user will be charges for storages when they reached 15GB of their google account storage.

Dropbox: Dropbox is a popular and secure cloud storage service, that will let you store files and documents online and display them on your devices without using your device storage.

Dropbox will allow you to share files, documents, folders with other people without download fee.

Dropbox gives register user a free 2 GB of storage as a free plan. Which is enough to save photos and videos you want to keep. It available for both mobile phones and PC.

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How To Move Facebook Photos And Videos To Google Photos

There is a facebook tool that will lets you transfer your photos, videos any photos sharing or storage of your choice. So let talk about to move your photos to Google Photos platform.

Let’s get started.

1. Open your facebook app or visit on your phone or computer, then Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Click menu (the drop-down arrow) at the top right of homepage.

3. Now scroll down to Settings & Privacy. And click.

4. Scroll down again, to “transfer a copy of your photos or videos”

Transfer a copy of your photo and video

If you open it on PC, look at the left navigation menu, and click on Your Facebook Information.

5. Now choose Google Photos. And Select what you want to move to google photo, Photos or Videos.


Then click next.

Note: You must have google account (Gmail) before you proceed.

6. Log in to the Google account you want to transfer your photos too,

Google account

To authenticate the transfer. That’s all!

Now you can go to your Google Photos account and view all your photos and videos.

How To Move Facebook Photos And Videos To Dropbox.

To move Just like we did when transferring it to Google photos.

1. Open your Facebook app >> click menu >> And scroll down to Settings & Privacy.

2. Now scroll down to “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos” and tap on it.

3. Now select Dropbox (from the dropdown menu) as the destination.

4. Select what you want to transfer to Dropbox whether photos videos and click continue.

5. Now login to your Dropbox account,

Dropbox signin

And allow Facebook to access your Dropbox account for the transfer and click confirm transfer.

Once the transfer is successful, Dropbox will create a new (Facebook Data Transfer folder) folder for the photos and all your facebook photos or videos will be saved in the folder.

Note: You can only transfer one media (photos or videos) at a time. So, If you want to transfer both your facebook photos and videos, repeat this steps.

How To Move Facebook Photos From One Album To Another.

To move your facebook photo from one album to another, go to your profile and click “photos” or go to your timeline and scroll to the photo you want to move and click on the three dots at the right corner of the page.

In the options, you will see “view album”

Photo albums

Click it to go to photo albums page. Now tap on the album in which the picture currently located.

You are going to see all the pictures in that album. So find the photo you want to move to other album.

Now move your cursor over the photo and click the pencil icon that appears.

Note: You can not move profile pictures and cover photos to other album because it doesn’t have edit button option.

Once you clicked the pencil icon, and tap on the picture, you will see an arrow in the upper-right corner of the page, click it and then click “Move photo” >> select the album you want to move the picture too. That’s all.

To view the photo you moved to new album, go to profile >> photos and click the album you moved the picture too.

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Hope this tutorial  helpful? Please share your thoughts about this article, we really want to hear from you guys. And don’t forget to share with your family and friends. Thanks for reading.

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