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How To Get More Facebook Post Like And Comments

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Get more facebook post like:   is the most popular social media (for sharing, watching, Learning and chatting) network in the world. With over two billion users since 2004.


Facebook users find it interesting when they share (post) on their wall (timeline), and the post get more likes, comment and reactions on that particular post and on other social media networks like Instagram, Twitter etc.

Some guys can surely get up to 1M (one million) likes and comments. While some may not find it easy to get one hundred likes talk less of reaching one thousand. I even share post on facebook and it get 10k like and reactions within 24 hours. And also i share my own pictures without apply this strategies, guess what, I got only 20 likes (lol).

In this article am going to teach the easier technique am using, to get more reaction and comment on my facebook post.

Let’s dive in.

Here are the definitive guide, steps you should follow ;

Full Your Friend List

Facebook gives a chance to add five thousand (5,000), so try to add many friends to your friends list to have many viewers.

Note: Is not advisable to add friends that you don’t know find people around you (your friends and family), but if your target is to get more reactions and comments, if you don’t mind you can add as much as you like. Like I said earlier, facebook allows users to add add five thousand friends so go ahead.

Capture good pictures to post.

People can’t comment on a post with terrible, ugly pictures. They can surely react to beautiful pictures. so you try posting nice picture when ever you want to share something on social media.

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And If you can’t take nice picture using your own mobile phone, then visit a professional photographer shop to give you a great studio pic and share.

Tag friends all your mutual friend.

When posting on social media (especially facebook), make sure tag most active friends on your list. Once you click “POST” those friends you tags will be notified by facebook, that you posted your timeline.

Facebook like

From there, they will come and view what you posted and hit the reactions button. They might even drop a comment if the post write up is fit the picture.

Use A that fit the picture you want post.

If you post a nice picture with a quote that doesn’t fit the picture you attach, they will not like your post or drop comment. So find a best quote that will fit the moment or the picture.

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Let people know about your recent posts

You can also let people know about your recent post by messaging them, tell them about your plan. they will surely like the page. You can even promise them to return the favor by so the same for them.

Change post privacy to publish.

To let more people view your post, came across your photo, you have to change the post privacy from “friends to public” (it might be friends of friends, change it to public) So that anyone on Facebook can view your post.

Don’t use insultive words

If there is a insultive words on post, it ca people irritated people, and they won’t like your post. so make sure you don’t use any words that can make your friends upset with you post.

Always active on Facebook

Always active on facebook, posting regularly. This is another way to let people (your friends) know you., And facebook will also let people view your post.

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Join active groups.

Join active facebook group and share you post with them. You can also join like for like groups. where people will like your post and you will repay the favor by liking their post also.

This are my strategies for getting more facebook comment, like and reactions. You can give them a trial. If you still have any other questions to ask, feel free to drop your comment through the comment section below.

And don’t forget to share with your friends and family. So that they can also benefit from it. Thanks.

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