Volume booster: Definitive Guide

Last updated on September 26, 2020

Android volume booster:  Good day guys, have you ever been experiencing issue with your loud speaker volume when watching movies or listen to music?

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And you just think like downloading volume booster apps for your Android mobile device on Google play store. To make the volume loud more.

Seriously, most of android volume booster apps are fake, some does not work nicely after downloading it.

Even, it may might affect your mobile phone performance. Like freezes, overheating and more. Why?

Because most the Android Volume booster are fake app, and it might gain access to your mobile phone development center and activate some action that you don’t even/can use.

In this article, am going to guide you on how to boost Android  volume for extra loud without using any Android volume booster app. 

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And you willl be enlightened on how to enhance your android cell phone quantity easily.


Just follow these definitive guide and you’re good to go.

  • Open your mobile phone: On your display screen, click on settings.

Now go to settings: On Android device settings you’ll see sounded, click on it and loud it.

  • Development Option: Then after that, click on on “developer option” and enable it.

Note: If your Android device is not display developer option, kindly go to “about phone” and tap on “build number” severally till you get a message said: “You are now developer”

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And If you are using itel mobile or other Android device that don’t place the developer on Settings page.

The device developer option will located at “More Settings” in Settings page in other Android device.

  • Now close the page: close developer option page and cross again in your settings, scroll down and to accessibility and tap on it.

  • In Accessibility page:. Scroll down and click on “Mono audio” to activate it.

  • Finally steps: Now you can come back to the tune, music or video you have been enjoying.

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Alternative Way
If this not work for you, that’s mean something is wrong somewhere.

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Just take the mobile mobile to nearest mobile phone repairing center that closed to you.

To replace the speaker and service the phone completely.
If you are mobile number engineer, kindly check the speaker performance or change the it and service the phone generally.

Make certain you loud the extent to get the very quality out of it.

Conclusion: It is now not compulsory to replace on the “Mono audio” switching on the mono audio permit the smartphone to mix channels while playing audio,tune or watching movies.

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