How To Activate 4G In Gionee F100: Easy Guide

Last updated on September 26, 2020

Today am going to teach how to activate 4G in Gionee f100 easily.

Have you ever notice that, any time you tried to browse in somewhere that there is no network, your Gionee f100 will took load to load single page?

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In this article am going to teach you how you can easily activate 4G in Gionee f100 and browse fast anywhere.

As we all know that Gionee is the most cheapest and more features phone, Gionee comes with three types of network.

  1. 2G (GSM).
  2. 3G (WCDMA/UMTS).
  3. 4G (LITE).

The GSM community should seize the signal from up to 8 kilometers of distance while the 3G distance smaller than that.

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Just imagine how 4G will fast on your Gionee f100 when you are browsing in any area.

Activate 4G in Gionee f100

Before I moved to the tutorial, there is a post I will recommend for you. If
you are experiencing this issues.

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But you most be an phone engineer or your relatives is engineer.

The article based on how to solve Gionee F100 Power Supply Problem Solution easily. This article will guide on how to solve it.

Steps 1: Go to Gionee f100 Settings.

First thing to do is to Go to Settings and click the option “More Networks” in the Connection label on under settings.

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Now click on “Mobile Network” you are going to see “Network Mode” that’s where we are going.

Steps 2: Change The Network Mode

Now change the network mode from 3G/2G to 4G. And reboot your phone.

Then test your Gionee f100 browsing speed and thank me later. Do you find this article useful?

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