6 Android Tricks You Can Do By Yourself.

Last updated on September 26, 2020

Hey, today an going to show you guy, the six Android tricks that will improve your mobile phone performance.


1 Improve Battery Timing Trick.








Reduce the phone brightness.

Don’t use dynamic Wallpapers(live wallpaper).

Use default wallpaper or black screen.

Remove Home button widgets and use swap.

Keep your battery from heat(like sun).

Turn of auto Sync.

Turn off Wi-Fi when.

Disable haptic feedback.

Turn off location services.


To turn off location in services:


Tap Setting >> Location Services. Unlock all the boxes available.


Disable auto updates for widgets. To disable a widget’s automatically Open the widget and press Menu >> Settings. Tap on auto fresh and choose none.





2 Recover Deleted Files tricks.








By installing Dr.Fone Software on your PC/laptop, you can Recover deleted files.


This Android tricks is the most searched online today.


Dr.Fone app is very easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you’l be able to recover deleted files from your Android Device.


Download and install the trial version of Dr.Fone on your PC.





The trial version is only able to scan for deleted files. To recover the deleted files, you’ll need to buy the full version.


Am going to share more about this in the next Android tricks article.








I will recommend using the trial version in order to see if the app is working fine on your PC.


Also, to see if there are any deleted files that can be recovered with the app.


Download Dr.Fone for window or Launch the Dr.Fone app on your PC.  Enable USB Debugging on your Android device.


For Android 4.2 or newer: Go to setting >> Developer option.Tick on “USB debugging.


For Android 3.0 to 4.1:Go to setting >> About Phone. Now double tap “Build number” for five times still you see a pop up message said “You are now a developer”.


Then Back to Settin >> Developer option. And click “USB Debugging.


Connect Your Android Device to Your PC Using a micro USB cable.


In case you don’t have drivers are installed, the software will automatically install it for you.Wait until your device is connected.


Once it’s connected, the name of your device will appear in the top left corner of the app.


Now click on the ‘Start’ Button and start analyzing your mobile device for deleted files you need to recover.


If your device is not rooted, the program will directly start scanning your device.


For saving times ,select only the types of files that you need to recover and click Next Since you want to find the deleted files only.


Choose the ‘Scan’ for deleted files’ mode and click Next.


If you cannot find the deleted files on your Android files with the standard mode, then try the ‘Advanced mode’ but it may take more time to scan.


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The Software will start to scan for the deleted files on your Android device, and while the scanning process continues, the deleted files will be automatically appear.


Under different tabs that are categorized according to their files like Contacts, Messaging. WhatsApp,Gallery Videos Audio and Documents. Hope you understand this trick?


You can always stop the scan if you already found the files that you are need. So the files that you want to recover by clicking on the checkbox next to each file name.


You can also preview the file by trapping on a particular file and the preview will be available on the right files in orange color.


Those are the ones that were deleted while the ones in Black color were available on your Android mobile phone (this is only Android tricks), 


It might to work on other devices. Which you are going to share an article on other devices trick to improve their performance.


If You just want to display the deleted or lost data just toggle ‘Only display deleted items’ to ON at the top of window.


Click the ‘Recover’ button after selecting your desired files. For a registered users, you’ll get a popup message asking for a location to save the recovered files.


Click on the ‘Browse’ button select the directory where you want the recovered files to be saved and press the Recover button to start the recovery process.


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The app will now start recovering your selected files.

Depending on the amount of files that you’re going to recover, this process will take several minutes.


3 Record Screen Trick.





Are you wondering how to Record Your android Screen? Now it is very easy to Record Your Android Phone Screen. Just Follow me.


Open Your Play store and then Install AZ screen Recorder.

After Installation Complete open Az Screen Recorder.

Now Click on Red icon to start reading.


After Recording, Drag Down Your Notification Bar and BUTTON to pause the Recording.


Or Click the Stop Recording Now Record Your awesome Tailent and on pause show it to your Friends.


4 ScreenShot on Android phone.


Press and hold both the power’ button and the Home’ button simultaneously (At the same Time) for several seconds.


Or Long press both the ‘power’ button and the Volume down button at the same



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5 Phone Discription trick


Get detailed information about phone status We can get detailed statistics related to our device like phone information, battery information, usage statistics and WiFi information by just dialing ##4636##


This is a handy USSD to get the

details about battery usage, Ping.Application time, usage time and so on.


6 Factory android phone trick


Android phone can be formatting in two ways


Factory reset:


In factory reset, your phone is being formatted to factory level.

Means all the setting will go by default and all the internal data will be deleted.


To factory reset a phone dial ##7780##.


Hard reset:


To hard reset a phone dial

2767 3855# This will deleted all tha data (including internal and external SD dataJas well as setting of android phone. 


Don’t try this code (please) for testing purpose, until you are not sure.

It will not ask for any confirmation.

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