5 Xender Features

The 5 Xender Features: Definitive Answer

Today am going to show you 5 Xender Features you might not know.

As we all know that xender is one of the most popular send and receive app with many users, essentially it’s far used to percentage music, videos, and applications.

And xender has these 5 features which am going to reveal you ways you may use those xender features. Apart from sharing files.

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Feature 1 Status saver.

Do you know that you can save any files from WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok And Facebook with your Xender.

Xender has made it easy for everyone to download any type of file from social media using only one app.

Xender status save

This Xender feature can let you watch videos offline from social media like WhatsApp without need to download the video.

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Xender can keep your statuses on WhatsApp. You don’t need to download any status saver app to your.

Instead use of download status app, use xender to manipulate your telephones storage.

How to save status on whatsapp with xender

Open your WhatsApp and click on status, After viewing the status on WhatsApp, now open your xender and click “social” at the bottom.

You are going to see the statuses you’ve viewed on WhatsApp.  You can now keep them on your gallery or leave it for some times.

Feature 2 Sharing of files to any device.

One first rate characteristic approximately xender is which you do now no longer want to download it yourself.

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In instances wherein you do now no longer have information you may nevertheless use xender to your smartphone simply with the aid of using truly sharing it from any other android phone with out data.

Xender app

All you want is to open xender no your smartphone and click on the plus + sign you will see it at the top of the display and choose the method you want to use.

So choose bluetooth or hotspot to receive or send the file to

Once you click the + icon, you will be ask if you want to use Bluetooth or hotspot method to send file.

Feature 3 convert video to audio.

This is amazing feature! Xender additionally allows their user to convert any type of video in any respect of your preference to an audio file.

Convert video to mp3

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What you need to do is to open your xender and click on on ‘mp3’ at the acute left site of the display and a display will show on the way to select the video you want xender convert to audio.

Feature 4 Transfer Old phone content to new phone.

Xender also allow user to copy all of their antique(old) smartphone’s storage to a new smartphone.

You also can replica the content of your antique phone on your new one.

To do this, click the plus + sign at the acute pinnacle proper nook and pick ‘replica phone’.

The page will ask if the phone is antique or new, and if it’s far an android smartphone or an iPhone.

Which you are going to select the type of smartphone used withinside the copying.

Feature 5 “Instantly continue sharing files”

If transaction failed when you are sharing files to another phone, Xender will continue the file immediately it connected back.

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(Yes) Xender additionally continues files transfers for references if you desire to test who, what and whilst a person despatched an audio, video or app on your tool and additionally display what’s getting into your phone whether or not it’s far secure or now no longer.

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