10 Mobile Phone Fault And Symptoms

Last updated on September 26, 2020

Mobile phone fault: hey guys today am gonna list for you, the most common mobile phone fault and it’s symptoms. 

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Today am going to teach the symptoms of mobile phone fault. The 10 common mobile phone faults and the signs their symptoms are listed below:

Mobile Phone Batteries Faults

Mobile phone batteriesfaults commonly occurred with the following signs:

  • The phone battery will be overheating while using the phone for browsing or watching movies.
  • The battery wil swollen. And back  cover will not cross again.
  • The battery only remains charged for a quick even as.

Microphone Faults (Also know as mouth piece)

  • The caller will not be able to communicate with you.
  • Your voice will not delivered to the caller.

Mobile phone  Sound (Speaker) Faults

Most phone speaker commonly occur with the following symptoms (be aware):

Mobile phone fault
  • You won’t be able to play music, video and listen to FM radio.

Mobile phone Earpiece/Hearing Faults

Don’t be confused, Earpiece is different from Mouth piece. The earpiece faults will arise with the following symptoms:

  • You won’t be able to hear from the caller. (but the caller will hear you. but if mouth piece you will hear the caller will not).
  • The callers voice will always too quiet. Or silent.

Mobile Phone Charging Port Faults

smartphone and charger usb connector on wooden table

The mobile phone charging port faults commonly occur with the subsequent symptoms listed below:

  • You won’t be able to charge the phone.
  • The phone will costs for a short period of time.
  • The charger will be healthy less. (Most into the charging block).
  • The mobile phone will shows a full charged, which the charge will quick rundown.

Mobile phone Display Screen Faults

Mobile phone displays screen faults commonly occurred with these signs below:

  • The display screen will unable to display photograph or text at all.
  • Some display screen will start displaying white.
  • Some will display  picture and other content upside down or dark.
  • The display screen will show the mobile phone content in a single line.

The Mobile Phone KeyPad(Button) Faults

Most mobile phone button faults commonly occurred with the following symptomns listed below:

  • You won’t be able to to type any numbers or letters properly.
  • Some numbers or letters will freezeed, some will not even press at all.
  • Typing one letter and results in showing multiple numbers or letter.
  •  Numbers or letters will be pressing by itself  and appear on display screen without press the button.

Mobile Phone Water Damaged Faults

Mobile phone water harm (damages) faults will always arise with the subsequent signs and symptoms listed below:

If your phone mistakenly dropped in to water, quickly remove the phone battery and DO NOT switch it on as this could cause irreversable harm to the telephone.

A water broken telephone does now not have any precise signs due to the fact it may purpose any of the outcomes listed on
this web page.

Mobile Phone Software Faults

The mobile phone software faults will occur with the following  Signs and symptoms listed below:

  • The phone will be  switches itself OFFor ON without press the power button.
  • The phone will be  halts(freezes) regularly.
  • Most mobile phone features will unable to accessible.
  • The phone display screen (LCD) will be glints on.


These are mobile phone faults signs listed on this article are the most happened nowadays. 

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If you are experiencing other mobile phone faults that are not listed below, kindly drop your comment. 

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